Walkabout is the smarter way to communicate.

For many of us now, messaging has become our primary method of communication over email, text and phone calls. There are many messaging apps out there, each catering to different trends, devices and interest groups.
This can be a real pain if you need to get everyone on the same page to have a modern conversation and get something done.

We are here to fix that.

Walkabout works like a central control hub and reaches out across text, email and many different messaging services. Family and friends can continue to use their chosen messaging applications but you'll be able to reach them when you need to and pull them into a bigger conversation. Walkabout also plays nice with most of the apps and services you already use. The idea is to cut through the messaging app clutter and reach everyone to bring them into the same place to share, organize and plan - with no installs necessary.

Walkabout - It's Your World, Harness It.